Through sporting events, athletes come together, learn to collaborate, communicate with each other, compete and play. Concerning social inclusion through sport values, we believe that it also includes physical education lessons in the spirit of the values promoted by Pierre de Coubertin.


My idea of social inclusion through sporting values is linked to the fundamental essence of sport as a whole. Sport brings all generations and all people together. We share the joy and love we experience in sport. Sport can evoke in each of us different feelings, but its essence is always the same. I think sport is vital for all spheres of people's lives.


My idea of social inclusion through sporting values is linked to understanding of different countries, getting to know new people, overcoming barriers, improving skills, preparing for teamwork and a better view of sport. It means respecting the values promoted by Baron Pierre de Coubertin as competitiveness, honesty, and overall respect for fair play ideas.


By organising sporting events, athletes get to know each other more and can get to know other countries, make new friendships, learn how to cooperate, and act in accordance with Fair Play. For me, social inclusion is sharpened through sporting competitions, it means linking the values of sport to any form of integration into society.


Everyone should have the same opportunity to choose what he or she enjoys. Through sport, we can enrich our knowledge, skills, and competences. In addition, we get to know new and interesting people. It also includes getting to know different cultures and their characters. According to me, it means cooperation, determination and inspiration.


In my opinion, social inclusion is mainly through sporting competitions. Thanks to social inclusion, we learn to mutual respect, cooperation, determination, the ability to play, overcome obstacles and meet new people. Through the organisation of sporting events, people meet in the spirit of fair play and through competition they develop themselves.


Sport is important for everyone, and everyone deserves an opportunity to compete. Everyone, whether socially limited or disabled, has the right to be treated in the same way as a healthy person in certain respects. My idea of social inclusion is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in sporting activities, regardless of social status.


Sport has an exceptional ability to bring different people from different countries and speaking different languages together, while creating an exceptional atmosphere. Although they may all be different, with different opinions and feelings, everyone feels the same way for a while thanks to sport.


Thanks to sporting activities, people come together, play together, and work together. Based on sports, such as running, people can get into society with other people that would have probably never know. They learn to live and compete in a spirit of Fair Play and make new friendships. By social inclusion through sporting values, I imagine activities related to social inclusion for risk groups while focusing on values of sport, such as tolerance, friendship, respect, and mutual cohesion.

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